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We've taken the bocce court and made a smaller version just for the kids. So bring the family and try our bambini bocce court! No worries, we still have the full-size court for all those that want to try their hand at bocce.


Where did Bocce come from?

The early Romans were among the first to play a game resembling what we know as bocce today. In early times they used coconuts brought back from Africa and later used hard olive wood to carve out bocce balls. Beginning with Emperor Augustus, bocce became the sport of statesman and rulers. From the early Greek physician Ipocrates to the great Italian Renaissance man Galileo, the early participants of bocce have noted that the game’s athleticism and spirit of competition rejuvenates the body.

NOW DON'T YOU JUST WANNA BOCCE? Stop by, we have a team of bocce masters ready to help you learn the ancient game of bocce.