Gene Gugliemo Gets the Stomp Started
Gene Gugliemo Gets the Stomp Started
Happy Feet
Happy Feet
It's a Family Thing
It's a Family Thing

Grape Stomp

2019 Stomp Times
Saturday and Sunday
3:00 - 4:00

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It takes a team of two people, one stomper and one swabby. The stomper stands in a barrel full of grapes and crushes out the juice using their bare feet. The swabby stands below the barrel and keeps the juices flowing into the jug. Simple right? Come out and try your feet at the Italian Family Festa.

SIGN UP at the Grape Stomp Stage.

No pre-registration is available.



  1. The Grape Stomp will consist of a total of 4 heats, each heat will last 1 minute.

  2. Winners of the first 3 heats will advance to the fourth and final heat to determine the grand prize winner, and second and third place.

  3. Each team will have a barrel filled with equal amounts of grapes.

  4. Team members who are stomping must use bare feet.

  5. A mason jar will be used to collect the juice.

  6. The juice will be measured by our judges.

  7. The team collecting the most juice in their heat will be the winner.


There will be towels and water made available for cleaning.